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Author Topic: this also can see the lakers now facing how serious test.  (Read 1135 times)
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by the celtics fix.
So, from data analysis perspective, exactly what effect home field advantage? Let's look at pau gasol enqueued after the.500, away! The regular season, the lakers home for 83.0%.500, road.500 for
65.8 percent difference value is compared to 17.2; The playoffs, the lakers.500 at home, away for 88.2% trimester, the difference value for 41.3%, All games under.500, Los Angeles, 10th road for
61.7%, poor value of 22.5. These data contrast is very shocking, the lakers at home than away stronger is known. However, the playoffs difference value is so great but some unexpected. Since
gasol, the lakers since the admission in 34 at home in the playoffs just lost four games on the road,air jordan on sale but they
failed to achieve 50%.500. That is to say, home court advantage for the lakers will be vital,Nike Pas Cher, this also can see the lakers now facing how serious test.
Of course, show on the road in the playoffs not have absolute.500 persuasive. If you carefully observe the lakers recent playoffs,Nike Tn Pas Cher, it is not hard to find some irrelevant game they didn't go all
out. For the lakers, seems to prefer playing at home,Nike Air Max, they thought that so long as the key at home win game is ok, so the road performance sometimes like one tuo excrement.
So, for the lakers, over the past two years must win on the road in the playoffs, they also revealed how? Let's look at the facts. June 17, 2008, the celtics, the lakers opponent finals, 2 3
backward, the sixth race the lakers lost, 2009 on May 8, the second round of the playoffs, the opponent rockets, big score 1 1, the third game the lakers victory; 2009 on May 23, the western
conference finals opponent, the nuggets, big score 1 1, the third game the lakers victory; June 2010 8, NBA finals, opponents celtics, big score 1 1,Chaussures Nike Femme, the third game the lakers victory. Although
say four games and is not a persuasive is very sufficient samples, but can also how. next time I see him, I will discuss with him about the problem whether it should disarmament alliance." Local time 27 after training,Nike Blazer Pas Cher,
James positive response to the "small generals". "He is not happy? I don't want to let anyone not happy, retro air jordan 13 I am
also didn't call Avery Johnson leave this alliance ah," James said. "I've never used" disarmament (contraction) "this word, before that I didn't even know it, I say is, if the Kevin loew, brooke
  lopez or German Harris such a player switch to another team, the game will be more exciting, because the fight will be more competitive." James,Chaussures Nike, talking and laughing, interest is getting higher
and higher. "I didn't say the league should policy banned the nets moved to brooklyn to, or should put the Minnesota timberwolves target center (home) to open,air jordan  sa

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